Good News on Marriage: Couples Improve With Age

p class=inside-copy>Married couples in their later years often show a great deal of affection, according to author Maggie Scarf, who has spent more than 30 years studying relationships. In the article linked below, she explains the findings of her research — and her marriage of 55 years to Herb Scarf, a Yale professor.
p class=inside-copy>Scarf says that marriage follows a U-shaped curve; there have been influential studies that show a couple’s contentment is at its highest in the earliest phase of marriage. But when children come along, many people lose sleep, want the other person to do more, and, eventually, must negotiate on a daily basis with your adolescents. Your sense of contentment and well-being may go down during that time.
p class=inside-copy>But as the nest starts to empty, your sense of well-being, contentment and time for intimacy go up. The U-curve begins to rise. You rediscover the person you knew early on.
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