21st Century Way to Find Health Information

p>More U.S. adults used the Internet than doctors to obtain health and medical information over the past year. This is a noticeable change in behavior from previous years, as doctors have traditionally been the top source of health information.
p>This finding comes from Cybercitizen Health v8.0, a market research and strategic advisory service. br />br />Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using the Internet as a research tool for condition and treatment information. And as healthcare coverage and doctor visits becomes less affordable for many Americans, the Internet has emerged as the go-to research tool for consumers seeking to manage their healthcare independently./p>img src=”wild>/aggbug.aspx?PostID=71145″ width=”1″ height=”1″>br>a runat=”server” href=’/blogs/public_blog/21st-Century-Way-to-Find-Health-Information-71145.aspx#comments’> img runat=”server” border=”0″ alt=wild> wild/img><

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