Dr Timothy Lim BS MS DC

Dr Timothy Lim BSc, MSc, DC, graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in USA and holds a doctorate degree in Doctor of Chiropractic. He also has a Undergraduate degree in Medical Science and Masters degree in Microbiology. His 3 1/2 years research thesis was based on the starvation of bacteria over time and its genetically modified ability to break down toxic substances. Dr Lim worked as a microbiologist for 10 years in multinational companies such as Baxter Healthcare and Nalco International before pursuing his doctorate in USA.

Dr Lim is a current member of the Chiropractic Association (Singapore). His patients are assured to enjoy the highest level of service, quality and ethics available. Dr Lim’s passion is not only to help his patient get better from their condition but to teach them principles to stay healthy.

As a philosophically and scientifically-driven doctor, he believes that his duty is to share with his patients how a balanced nervous system is the major key to vibrant health. It is empowering both to the patient and the doctor to understand that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself when nerve interference is removed. The human brain, through the spinal cord and nerves, controls everything in the body. Imagine what a better functioning nervous system can do for you and your family physically, chemically and emotionally.

We look forward to seeing you at our practice to start enjoying a healthier spine and a healthier body!

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