Pediatricians Recommend Increase Vitamin D Dosage

sunlight and vitamin D

sunlight and vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming a problem in not only adults but also in children. American Academy of Pediatrics has doubled its recommendation for a daily dose of vitamin D in children, in the hopes of preventing rickets and promoting other health benefits.

The new guidelines from the nation’s leading group of pediatricians now call for children to receive 400 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day, beginning in the first few days of life. Children who do not get enough vitamin D are at risk for rickets, a bone-softening disease that result in stunted growth and skeletal deformities. Rickets remains rare in United States, but there have been some reports that it may be on the rise.

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, but air pollution, sunscreen and clothing all limit the amount of vitamin D the body can synthesize from sunlight. Ever wondered why kids in poor countries never seem to have that problem? Well most of them don’t spend their time indoors. They get plenty of sunlight. Some question we need to ask: Are these children getting their milk from mother’s or from cows? Shouldn’t mother’s milk provide adequate amounts of money? Again we are not looking at causes, just covering up symptoms. That’s why the chiropractic philosophy of looking at the cause first may be something the medical system may want to consider.

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